LOT NO: 793    meaning Starting: THB 8000   Approx: 183  
Japanese Art: Taisho period 1912-24; "Guan Yin Goddess" bronze sculpture, H. 62 cm. W. 23 cm.(1)
Ż ..1912-24 оطػǹ ͺ H=62cm, W=23cm (1)

LOT NO: 794    meaning Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 275  
Japanese Art: Taisho period 1912-24; bronze incense burner floral motif with chrysanthemum silver lid, D=13cm, H=9cm. (1)
Ż ..1912-24 жҧҹķ ش 2 ´͡ Ҵ͡ອ Ҵ D=13cm, H=9cm, (2 )

LOT NO: 795    meaning Starting: THB 45000   Approx: 1034  
Japanese Art: Taisho period 1912-24; stationary set included writing, paper box, ink stone and silver water dropper with original inner & outer wooden boxes, nice screenery design on the outer box. L=13", W=16", H=6", excellent ctaftmanship.(1 set)
Ż شͧ¹Сͺ ͧд Թ֡ з֡ è㹡ͧ շ駡ͧ¹͡Сͧ Ҿ Ҵ L=13", W=16", H=6", §ҡ.(1 ش)

LOT NO: 796    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 114  
Japanses Art: Meiji period 1868-1912 "Cigarette Box" size 9x8cm., weighs 97.2gms., silver, designed palaces background mt. Fuji. (1)
Ż ..1868-1912 "ͧԹ" Թ Ҵ 9x8. Ǵ»ҷҿ٨ҹѧ (1)

LOT NO: 797    meaning Starting: THB 18000   Approx: 413  
Japanses Art: Taisho period 1912-1924; pair of Japanese bronze hand warmer designed flying cranes & clouds pattern singed Hibashi, H=24 cm. D=25 cm. (2)
Ż ..1912-24 "" ͺ͹ ӹǹ 2 ¹¹Ŵ Hibashi H=24 cm. D=25 cm. (2)

LOT NO: 798    meaning Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 275  
Japanses Art:Taisho period 1912-24; pair of Japanese silver plated metal rabbit Okimono ,signed, made by Shobido,Osaka, H=19 cm. W=15 cm.,excellent craftmanship. (2)
Ż ..1912-24 еͺԹ H=19 cm. W=15 cm ҡ (2)